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Have you ever wondered if the Tree Service company you are about to hire is right for you? Here at Happy’s Tree Service we receive email reviews about our company, then we can pass it on to you as a reference. We hope you enjoy reading our testimonials about our tree service and we can earn your trust as a premier service here in Pinellas county and the Tampa Bay area. Once reading through our testimonials, please give us a call to have a Certified Arborist come out to your home or business to look at your tree care needs. Whether its a large or small tree to be removed or simple to complex pruning of your trees, rest assure that we can handle all your arboriculture needs. We will leave your investment in better care than when we showed up. We do a detailed clean up after all our work. We get the job done with safety in mind and we do it right. We are licensed and fully insured.

Here are just a few of our Angies List reviews!

We have a large oak tree over 100 years old that we were concerned with due to what appeared to be rotting branches from what we could tell that high up but foliage is good and no dead wood.  Steve was very responsive and explained the tree was a victim of over-pruning by a previous owner which has caused a lot of wind stress to the branches.  He said it would take some time for the tree to mend itself and that he recommended doing nothing at this point since the tree is getting nutrition, water and room to grow.  He said if the foliage started dying off and we started seeing a lot of dead wood, to call him.

Steve could very easily have recommended something which would have resulted in a large expense but he basically just told us we didn’t need his services right now.  We feel he was very honest, knowledgeable and really cared about the health of our tree.  Would highly recommend him and would definitely use him in the future if needed.

Rick Tabeling, Palm Harbor – Angies List Member

Steve and his crew removed a large laurel oak that had died and ground the stump. They also trimmed 2 very tall palms and also trimmed 3 large live oaks.We had a dead laurel oak in our front yard and needed it removed before it came down and damaged something. We called Steve for an estimate and he came out the next day. We also asked him to quote trimming the 2 huge palms. We agreed and he arranged for the permit. When that was complete he called and scheduled the job for the next week.

He and his crew of two other men worked quickly and efficiently. We had also talked with Steve about trimming the very large oaks that hang over our house and screen porch. He quoted a price to add those to the current job, so we had those done too. They have the proper equipment, a big bucket truck and a large shredder for the debris, plus a stump grinder. They work together very well, with each person knowing their job well.

The work was excellent and so was the cleanup. We felt comfortable with Steve and liked the fact that he is a certified arborist. He is extremely knowledgeable. We recommend Happy’s Tree Service and will call them for any future work we want done.

JEANNE MICHAELS, Safety Harbor – Angies List Member

Removed three trees and cleaned up a Camphor tree and Laurel Oak that were in dire need of trimming and cleaning out of deadwood.  Also trimmed and cleaned up ten large pine trees and an overgrown Viburnum hedge at the back of our property.  Steve explained everything that would be done when he came to do the estimate and provided a lot of useful information about the trees in the yard.  The crew did an excellent job and they were always on task except when they took a short lunch break.  They were on the job approximately six hours.  The price included grinding the three stumps.  They cleaned up everything that wasn’t ground up or loaded into the truck.   I would most certainly hire them again.Tree service reviews in pinellas county

Robert Kuespert, Palm Harbor – Angies List Member

We’ve been using Steve since Sept 2012.   (See the first review below!) He’s always been very responsive and extremely knowledgeable about caring for our trees. We have him come by to routinely trim our palm trees but this time we really needed him to do a thorough cleaning and pruning of a large Live Oak which is a focal point in our backyard. He did an awesome job and the tree looks great! We will continue to recommend him to our neighbors and friends.

Donna Baker, Clearwater – Angies List Member

Gave us an evaluation of the damage to the trunk of our very large, old live oak tree.

He said the damaged trunk was in the process of healing itself and that care should be taken when trimming the grass at its base. He did not recommend any further action. He also said too many branches on the larger limbs were too aggressively trimmed in the last few years.

Judith Wingate, Palm Harbor – Angies List Member

Removed tree, major trim job on two large trees in front, plus another major cleaned up multiple trees in back yard as well.

Steve was great! He was extremely courteous and professional.  He had cleaned up the trees in the front yard about 6 years ago and I was satisfied then so I called him again.  My trees had gotten out of control and needed a significant amount of help.  One tree even needed to be removed since I let someone who was not an arborist trim them, and that other person cut the top and killed the tree.  (Trust me don’t make the mistake of hiring those drive by people, who just want a few extra bucks, big mistake.) Steve came in and cleaned up the trees and even gave the fire wood to an older neighbor who asked for it. In the future I will only call Happy’s Tree Service, I have learned my lesson. FYI – The job was so outstanding I even paid him above his asking price. Trust me he is worth it!!!

Kimberly Coronado. Clearwater – Angies List Member

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