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Happy’s Tree Service was established in “1989”, located in Pinellas County Florida and have a real passion for trees. Caring for trees has been a part of my family for generations. We are a family owned and operated company, and shall stay that way for many years to come. Here are some family pictures of our children climbing. As you can see its in our DNA. Even my wife likes to climb. (top left) She’s fun to climb with but I still think she’s better at the front office. Our son Steven Jr. ( flying thru the air with a red shirt ) is a natural, and he has great interest in running the company someday. My brother Sam ( top of page picture sitting in the middle )  has been a huge part of our company for over 15 years. So as you can see its our family passion. One of the things I love most about my job is, when everyone else is driving down the road, they see “Street SIGNS” and I only see” TREES” and yes… I do miss a lot of my turns because of it!

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Over the years we have learned many ways to keep trees healthy in urban areas. Our company has always continued to better our skills, so you know the job will be done right. We are a Licensed and fully insured for your protection. We love trees, and it shows with our work practices. Looking for the right tree service is not just important to you, but its also critical to your trees. Improperly pruning of your trees can quickly put your trees in decline. Hiring an Isa Certified arborist, that is on staff and not just on the estimate, is also very important as many tree services have the certified arborist come out but not there while the cutting is done. Here at Happy’s Tree Service our Isa Certified Arborist will come out and inspect your tree care needs and will also be on the job while work is being preformed.

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Happy’s Tree Service is located in Clearwater fl and provides service to all of Pinellas County since “1989” Our company offers many other services. These can be found by clicking on our HOME or SERVICE TABS above.
Tree Service Clearwater fl
Tree Service Clearwater fl located in Pinellas County

Tree Service Clearwater fl

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